iPugMojis – Pug Emoji Keyboard | IOS Only

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** Attention All Pug Lovers! **
iPugMojis is considered the ultimate Pug related emoji texting app!

Brighten the day of your family and friends by sending adorable texts using our cute Pug emoji stickers. Easy to use emoji keyboard that works in iMessage, Facebook, Viber, Line and more.

Use iPugMojis as either a message sticker app or via a custom keyboard extension.

Pug, Mopshond, Carlin, Lo-sze … It doesn’t matter what you call them, they are considered the cutest dog breed by millions! Celebrate your love for Pugs and install this app now.
Apple requires ALL third party Keyboard/Emoji/Sticker apps to allow full access to the Keyboard. Apple requires us to show you a message asking you to “Allow Full Access for iPugMojis”. This is an Apple requirement but no data is collected. Turning on “Allow Full Access” gives the iPugMojis keyboard permission to copy and paste the emoji images. Our privacy policy does not allow us to access anything on your device. All of your information is 100% secure. iPugMojis will NEVER collect any personal information or transmit anything you type over any network.
** Custom Keyboard Installation Instructions **
1) Go to Settings > General > Keyboard

2) Tap on Keyboards > Add New Keyboard

3) Select iPugMojis Keyboard

4) Tap iPugmojis Keyboards > Allow Full Access

5) Go to iMessage, tap text input area and click the Globe

6) Click “ABC” > The iPugMojis keyboard is visible and ready to use
** Message Sticker App (for IOS 10+ Only) Setup Instructions **
1) Open iMessage > Click the Arrow

2) Tap the App Store Button

3) Choose iPugMojis

If you do not see iPugMojis listed:

– Tap the 4 dot icon at the bottom left

– Click the Store “+” button

– Click the “Manage” button

– Turn on iPugMojis

– Tap on any emoji and it will be automatically ready to use
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Farkle Dice Shaker

“Farkle” “Farkle


** Farkle Dice Shaker is a colorful dice roller designed to play against friends **

To get the fun started, roll the dice using the shaker. Your goal is to score as many points as possible in 10 rounds. After each round your score is calculated and added to previous rounds for a cumulative score. Challenge family and friends to see who can score the most points and become the Farkle King!

Game Features:

* Free Coins Daily
* Win Bonus Coins @ 5,000 points
* Win 5X Coins When You Get to 10,000 points!
* Easy for Beginners – Simple How to Play Instructions Included
* Super Highly Addictive.
* Original Six Dice Game Rules
* Compete Against Family & Friends Worldwide
* Offline Single Player Mode
* Colorful Rolling Dice Animations

Every fun filled round starts by throwing the six dice from the sparkling dice shaker. After every roll, one or more scoring die must be selected and set aside. Afterwards, either end your turn at that time and bank the score for that round, or continue to throw the remaining dice. If you score all six dice in a round, you have what is called ”HOT DICE” and you may continue your turn with a new roll where your score continues to accumulate. If none of the dice score, you have the dreaded “Farkle” and will score a big “Zilch” for that round. Get lucky and throw the perfect dice roll to beat your opponents or achieve a personal high score.


* Ones = 100 points
* Fives = 100 points
* Three of a kind = 100 x Single Dice value
* Three ones = 1,000 points
* Four of a kind = Dice Value X 200
* Five of a kind = Dice Value X 300
* Six of a kind = Dice Value X 400
* Five dice straight (1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6) = 500 points
* Six dice straight (1,2,3,4,5,6) = 1,500 points

Farkle Dice Shaker is a fun version of the popular dice game also known as Zilch, Hot Dice, Zonk, Squelch, Greed, Darsh, Wimpout and Dice 10,000. Farkle or as some say Farkel has many variations in both scoring and play. Most people use the standard rules but even those are not universal. Known as a “folk” game, players are free to use any scoring combinations that can be agreed upon. In some areas, players are required to achieve a certain number of points to win.

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 Flower Match 4 – Flowers Blitz

Flower Match 4 Jasmine Wildflowers Match 4


**Help Jasmine the Fairy by Matching 4 or More Cute Flowers to Score Big!**

Flower Match 4 will challenge your IQ to solve fun puzzles with animated flowers. Plow your way through fun and challenging garden levels filled with excitement and beauty. The lovely and magical fairy Jasmine will be with you every step of the way as you advance along the path through all seasons. To complete each level, match 4 or more of the same cute flowers while scoring the required number of points. Hours and hours of fun await as you take on this wonderful adventure.

Game Features:

* Tons of challenging levels
* Cute and animated flower characters
* Match 4 puzzles to solve
* Playful sounds and music
* Powerups to help beat levels and advance
* Gift box brings lucky multipliers and special scoring opportunities
* Use Facebook to invite friends to join in on the action

Challenge yourself as well as your friends and family to see who can achieve the highest scores. Listen as the adorable flower cuties giggle to persuade you to complete each level and advance all the way through the enchanted gardens. Don’t let the pollen get in your way as you make your way through crops of beautiful and fun flower filled levels. Watch sunflowers, roses, tulips and more dance while waiting for you to complete your matches. Powerups include trowels, clippers, water pots and magical fairy wands. Use these special options to help you advance when things get tough.

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 Honey Bear Bubble Blaster – IOS & Android

Bubble Blaster 1 Bubble Blaster 2 Bubble Blaster 3 Bubble Blaster 4

Addictive Bubble Shooter With Fun HD Graphics
Adorable honey bear character loves to pop bubbles almost as much as he loves to eat honey. Enjoy two fun filled types of gameplay – “Get the Stars” and “Save the Cute Caterpillar Monster”. Simple to play bubble shooter game. All you have to do is aim your bubble at same colored bubbles on the board and let it go. When you’ve aimed correctly, the bubbles you aimed at will pop and you will earn points. Clear the board or save the caterpillar to complete a level and advance down the path to more bubble popping action.
Help Honeybear and his friend honeybee use their special honey pot to aim boosters to collide with bubbles. Burst the bubbles for huge scores and enjoy the glimmer of colorful animated bubbles bouncing around your screen. Buster, that is a sight to behold! Plan your way through the honeycomb of puzzle variations and get all the way through the forest.
Game Features:
– Dozens of original bubble shooter levels
– Lovable honey bear character
– Swap bubbles to increase your chances of completing levels
– Special Boosters and Power-ups to help you advance during later rounds
– With practice you can improve your aim and create special combos
– Rescue the cute caterpillar monster
– Explore a fun filled forest full of colorful bubble popping action
– While easy to play, you will be challenged to solve each level’s puzzle in order to advance
– Fun playful music gets you in the mood to pop some bubbles!
Avoid getting stuck on trouble levels like a beehive by using the fire effect and color effect balls. Use the color effect ball and “Pow” it clears a group of balls that are clumped together on the board. The fire effect ball is the ultimate bubble buster that removes everything in it’s way to the top of the board. Crack the top score as you burst all the bubbles to clear levels.
Download Honey Bear Bubble Blaster and Start Blasting Bubbles Now!

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Gemstone Treasure Hunt – For Android Users

screen520x924 screen520x924 (3) screen520x924 (3)


Match sparkling gemstones to score as high as possible and advance to the next round. Accept the quest as Gemstone Treasure Hunt invites you to take part in the adventure by matching three or more gems of the same color. Special challenges include clearing all the barrels, making moves to drop special items through the bottom of the screen, timer modes and many more. Challenging and addicting gameplay make Gemstone Treasure Hunt fun for people of all ages.

Game Features:

* Explosive jewel matching game
* Match sparkling gems to score big and advance to the next level
* High quality HD graphics
* smooth and fast gameplay
* Match 4 or more gems to collect special gemstones for powerful boosts
* Use combinations to clear large numbers of gems to help reach your targets
* Special animations and sound effects
* Star ratings after each level. See if you can get 3 stars for every level!


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 Above Average Bingo Blackout – IOS

screen520x924 screen520x924 (3)


Play your favorite bingo game and experience unique power ups like free number daubs, free coins, free treasure chests and even Instant Bingos! The more you play the more XP you build that you can use to level up and unlock more levels. Play up to 4 cards on our smooth action bingo game for hours of heart pounding fun.


Free Daub 1 Number
Free Daub 2 Numbers
Free Daub 3 Numbers
Free Daub 4 Numbers
Instant Bingo!
Double XP
Double Coins
Additional Treasure Chest

Game Features:

Smooth gameplay
Funny Bingo Caller
Unlock More Levels
Brag About Winnings on Facebook and Twitter
Play Up To 4 Cards


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 Neon Getaway – IOS

screen568x568 screen568x568-3 screen568x568-2 screen568x568-4


Set in the year 2065, Neon Getaway finds you attempting to escape enemies using your super charged neon light bike. Tilt your device to avoid oncoming enemies, but watch out because things speed up very quickly. Tap rockets or use special armor to break through and stay alive as long as possible. Live multi-player competition using lightning fast Nextpeer adds another level of excitement.

Game Features:

– Stunning HD Graphics
– Multiplayer Competition Using Nextpeer
– Simply Tilt Device To Play
– Many Upgrades Including Rockets, Anti-Magnets, Power Boosts and Shields
– Heart Pounding Dubstep Soundtrack
– Compete Against Friends Scores using Game Center

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